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Studies have shown that nearly 13.5% of older adults show signs of depression, and this statistic is even higher for seniors who live alone. Many elderly citizens across the US experience feelings of pessimism or helplessness, loss of interest in activities or hobbies, or have decreased energy.

With in-home care, having another individual in you or your senior’s life when you aren’t present can be a major benefit. Studies prove that seniors who stay social and engaged have a better quality of life. They also have a lower tendency to develop depression and general cognitive decline.

Our in-home caregivers are here to bring light back into you or your loved one’s life. They are professionally trained to pick out even the slightest differences in mood and are capable of turning any negative situation around. Our caregivers will be there to interact with your senior — whether it be playing a board or card game, reading aloud, sharing a laugh, memory or concern. We provide friendly company, conversation, and mealtime companionship — a fantastic way to keep you or your loved ones engaged and upbeat.

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